GALLERY: What each African national team wore in its first World Cup |EN|

Maher Mezahi

It took 180 minutes versus a weak Palestine Mandate outfit for Egypt to become Africa’s first representative at the 1934 World Cup.The North Africans breezed to an 11-2 aggregate score and set sail to Italy via Naples.


Since then twelve others have qualified for the prestigious tournament. All thirteen nations sported iconic kits that marked their respective sporting history.


From Egypt’s deep v-neck, to Zaire’s roaring leopard crest; from the iconic ‘الجزائر’ emblazoned across Algeria’s chest in 1982, to Puma’s faded print collection of 2006.


Africa always plays in style.


Below is a gallery to help us reminisce and recall exactly how each national team lined up when their number was called on the global stage.